About Us

We are a team of Singaporean and Taiwanese ceramics practitioners and collectors.

Through our desire to experience and learn more about ceramics, we encountered a community of craftsmen in Yingge District of Taiwan. They allowed us to first participate in their wood firings, and eventually welcomed us into their work spaces where they spend countless hours honing their craft. Some of these makers come from multi-generational ceramics families, inheriting knowledge and skills from generations that came before them.

The respect and admiration we have for these craftsmen, and their work has also been influenced by the words of Bernard Leach and Yanagi Sōetsu through their book "The Unknown Craftsman". We have thus borrowed many of their words in language used within the online store.

Unknown Vessels was born out of our desire to show the world the absolutely incredible work of these countless unknown craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to building objects which add indescribable value to our lives.

We remain on this journey to uncover more craftsmen and their works, in Yingge and beyond, and will continue to share and showcase them here. Please enjoy these pieces and if you would like, welcome some into your life!