Our Craftsmen

Yu Shuo-yen 余碩晏

For Shuo-yen, you could say ceramics runs in his blood. He is a third generation ceramist from the ceramics district of Yingge, in Taiwan. On his journey, he has meandered through being an engineer before returning to Yingge and to ceramics.

In his works, you see not only the mastery from spending countless hours he has spent on his craft, you also see layers of craft knowledge inherited from the generations that came before him. 

Woodfire Kiln


Huang Yu Wen 黃裕文

Yu Wen is a young and rising craftsman who first encountered ceramics as a teenager who got posted to Yingge's ceramics high school. He continued to pursue training in ceramics during university. Upon graduation, Yu Wen chose to leave Taiwan to spend time in Jingdezhen, China, broadening his horizons in ceramics. He eventually returned to Taiwan where he apprenticed with various ceramists, before setting up his own studio in Yingge, coming full circle back to where it all began for him.

In his works, you often see the vigour of youth combined with the discipline of tradition. He enjoys producing wood fired pieces in various kilns across Taiwan, as he enjoys the practice of surrender that the process requires.


Jhang, Jhen-sing 張振興

Much like his junior Yu Wen, Jhen-sing credits his high school entrance exam results for bringing him to ceramics. Even as a teenager, he was passionate about his craft-- at one point building a kiln on his parents' roof, firing his pieces at night to prevent complaints from the neighbours.

As with most of us, Jhen-sing's path in life is not entirely linear. At some point, he journeyed away from ceramics to the food and beverage industry, before finding his way back eventually. During that time, he interacted with ceramic pieces differently, but it has also left an indelible mark, as we find that his pieces are often highly considerate for the final user.