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Champagne Woodfired Teapot

Champagne Woodfired Teapot

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Handmade and fired by third generation ceramist Yu Shuo-yen from Yingge, Taiwan, this teapot is made of beautiful porcelain that was never glazed. Instead, this teapot was wood-fired for five days. During this process, ash, heat and the breath of the kiln gifted us this absolutely gorgeous pot. The contrast of the bright orange against the pure white porcelain body makes for a pop of colour, in a sea of bubbles. The maker also decided to accent this pot with dashes of gold.

To take care of this teapot, simply rinse the pot with hot water between uses.

Approximate dimensions: 100mm (Height), 95mm (Diameter), 180ml (Volume)

Maker: Yu Shuo-yen

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