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Moon Landing Glazed Ceramic Teapot

Moon Landing Glazed Ceramic Teapot

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This extremely light teapot was inspired by the elements of nature- the weathered faces of mountains and the earth. The play of dark grays, black, and even hints of copper-brown on the indentation filled surface of this pot brings to mind the tranquility of the moon. The hand made pot is an amalgamation of an extreme attention to detail, extensive knowledge of glazes, and the construction of Chinese tea pots.  

This piece is simultaneously an integral part of traditional Chinese tea culture, and a piece of contemporary art. It is the perfect piece for the beautiful modern home of the global citizen this season.

These pieces are glazed on the inside and outside and suitable for all loose leaf teas. To take care of this teapot, simply rinse the pot with hot water between uses.

Maker: Jhang, Jhen-sing

Approximate dimensions: 80mm (Height), 80mm (Diameter), 230ml (Volume)

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