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Dusk Woodfired Teapot

Dusk Woodfired Teapot

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Handmade and fired by third generation ceramist Yu Shuo-yen from Yingge, Taiwan, this teapot is made of beautiful porcelain that was never glazed. Instead, this teapot was wood-fired for five days.

This precisely thrown teapot features a clean silhouette, and a tight lid. At the base, the teapot is a deep shade of orange, reminiscent of the setting sun making way for a cloudy night. This pot is a visual representation of the peaceful transition between day and night, capturing the ethereal beauty of twilight.

To take care of this pot, rinse with hot water and hand-wash only without soap or detergent.

Approximate dimensions: 90mm (Height), 95mm (Diameter), 260ml (Volume)

Maker: 余碩晏


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