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Matte Sky Blue on White Porcelain Mountains Teapot

Matte Sky Blue on White Porcelain Mountains Teapot

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When we first laid eyes on Jhang Jhen-sing's self-dubbed "mountain series" teapots, we were immediately drawn to them for so many different reasons.

We loved that it was a nod to Taiwan's majestic mountains (Taiwan is home to more than 200 mountain peaks above 9,800ft above sea level!); we loved that it paid homage to the tea culture of Taiwan; and we were absolutely in awe of the technical skills involved in executing these pieces.

This particular piece is fairly unique in this series as it is thrown from beautiful white porcelain. This piece also features an inset lid. This lid design leaves no margin for error during throwing, trimming and firing, resulting in a wonderfully tight lid and a pot that pours well. However, Jhang shared that the most challenging part of making these pots were the trials and tribulations he went through testing various layers of glazes and slip applications in order to achieve the final product we see before us.

As with so many of Jhang's pieces, this piece is simultaneously an integral part of traditional Chinese tea culture, and a piece of contemporary art. It is the perfect piece for the beautiful, tranquil and modern home. It is the perfect size if you enjoy having your tea with two or three friends.

These pieces are glazed on the inside and outside and suitable for all loose leaf teas. To take care of this teapot, simply rinse the pot with hot water between uses.

Approximate dimensions: 75mm (Height), 80mm (Diameter), 230ml (Volume)

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