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Rustic Copper Woodfired Ceramic Teapot

Rustic Copper Woodfired Ceramic Teapot

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This textured round-body teapot took our breath away multiple times- when we first laid eyes on it, and again when we were editing these pictures you have in front of you.

It is a wood-fired piece that has had an iron oxide applied to its exterior, and has been glazed on the inside. On one face, it has a shiny, almost metallic surface, on the other, a matte surface with plenty of depth. This is in fact a mark of wood-fired pieces, known as the yin and yang faces of a wood-fired piece. One will never tire looking at this pot as it seems to offer up something new each time.

Handmade by Huang Yu Wen, the pot has a hand-built honeycomb filter that keeps tea leaves from escaping. The lid is tight and pours beautifully.

To take care of this pot, rinse with hot water and hand-wash.

Approximate dimensions: 85mm (Height), 85mm (Diameter), 235ml (volume)

Maker: Huang Yu Wen 黃裕文

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