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Satin Woodfired Server

Satin Woodfired Server

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A chahai, sometimes also called gongdao bei, is used to decant the tea after it has been steeped for the requisite amount of time. The tea can then be served from the chahai into individual tea cups.

Hand-thrown from porcelain, this piece is a softer, salmon and speckled white appearance compared to its dramatic sibling. Such is the nature of wood-firing-- despite both chahais being fired in the same kiln for the same duration, they are distinctly different. This chahai has an ergonomic shape and pours very cleanly with no drip. It is just the perfect size to handle with just one hand.

While the vessel was originally designed for tea in mind, we have also used our chahais for sake and other beverages.

To take care of this chahai, rinse with hot water between uses.

Approximate Dimensions: 95mm (Height), 90mm (Width), 300ml (Volume)

Maker: Yu Shuo-yen 余碩晏

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