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Sunrise Serenade Side-handle Woodfired Porcelain Teapot

Sunrise Serenade Side-handle Woodfired Porcelain Teapot

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Inspired by the the teapot form more commonly seen with Japanese teapots (some might refer to these as kyusu), this side-handled teapot is hand thrown from porcelain. It has never been glazed, but has instead been woodfired for five days.

Aesthetically, the teapot embodies the ethereal hues and gentle elegance of dawn. At its base, it is an orange reminiscent of the rising sun, and this gradually transitions into a speckled whitish grey as the eye moves upward. The pot seems to have captured the essence of a tranquil and promising beginning.

Skillfully crafted, the teapot's round bottom design makes it very ergonomic and easy to handle. When held, the teapot feels light yet sturdy.

To take care of this teapot, simply rinse the pot with hot water between uses.

Approximate dimensions: 90mm (Height), 115mm (Diameter), 250ml (Volume)

Maker: Yu Shuo-yen 余碩晏

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