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Treasure Woodfired Tea Caddy

Treasure Woodfired Tea Caddy

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Tea caddies are traditionally used for storing, preserving and transporting tea leaves. Caddies of this size are perfect for keeping a small amount of tea on your tea table for drinking.

This beautiful woodfired tea caddy has not been glazed, but has had iron oxide applied to its exterior. Furthermore, during its multiple wood-firings, it has picked up some "sweat" from the wood-fire kiln, giving it the appearance of a splash of dripping earthy colour. This occurs when layers of ash glaze accumulated on the inside of the kiln from previous firings melt during the firing, dripping onto the vessels currently being fired. It would most certainly be appreciated by any tea or ceramics collector.

This piece is hand made from start to finish.

Approximate Dimensions: 85mm (Height), 80mm (Diameter), 195ml (Volume)

Maker: Huang Yu Wen 黃裕文

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